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Five things you can do to nourish your gut

It’s helpful to know what you can do to nurture and nourish your gut back to good health. Here are a few things to try:

1) Choose a diet high in fibre to aid digestion and prevent constipation. One sure way to help you achieve your recommended 30g a day is enjoying a delicious bowl of fibreful for breakfast every morning. The blend of chicory inulin and oat bran makes a powerful duo with twice the fibre of regular oats, that’s guaranteed to get you going.

2) Eat slowly. Eating in front of screens or in a hurry means we bolt down meals, which increases the amount of air you swallow and eventually causes bloating or flatulence. One way to minimise this is chewing thoroughly to help the body digest properly before any food reaches the large intestine.

3) Exercising regularly does more than keep off any extra pounds. It tones the muscles of your gut too, which can help keep bloating and flatulence under control and may improve the health of your microbiome1.

4) Drink water. Lots of it. We don’t just mean a glass with meals. You need at least 6-8 regular glasses of water every day to keep your digestive system healthy.

5) Good health starts in the mind. Looking after your mental as well as physical health is crucial as stress and anxiety levels unsettle a happy gut.

We hope this has been helpful! We’ve got plenty more information on everything from fibre to FODMAP on our blog.